Online casino with Skrill as a deposit and withdrawal method

Skrill is a popular electronic wallet that allows you to quickly and safely make deposits in an online casino. And the good news is that this payment method is widely used on casino sites. We have selected the best Skrill casino sites from our list of safe online casinos. If you want to play online roulette with this payment method, here are the best casinos that accept Skrill:

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What is Skrill really?

Skrill is a kind of electronic wallet. To be more precise, it is an e-commerce company that allows you to make payments and money transfers over the Internet. Using it, you can top up your account with money, send it to various sellers or withdraw your money back to hard cash. Because of this, you do not need to provide the casino with your personal financial information; all this is strictly stored in the skrill. However, in many online casinos, Skrill has become a necessary method of deposit and withdrawal.

How do I get a Skrill account?

Another big advantage of Skrill is the ability to launch your account in just a few minutes. All you have to do is visit their website ( and fill out the registration form. Once you have registered, you can start using it. However, in order to make a deposit at the casino, you will most likely have to check a few things.

Who can use Skrill?

Skrill is a partner of many global companies, which means that people around the world can create an account and start using it. For example, although the e-wallet does accept users from the United States of America, the UIGEA rules do not allow them to allow American players to make deposits or withdraw funds from any online gambling provider.

How to deposit?

To make a deposit to your Skrill account, you have a variety of options. The most common way is to use a credit or debit card. The e-wallet accepts all major credit cards and processes them instantly with just a 1.9% commission. To use this method, you will simply need to confirm your credit card through the payment system’s website.

If you want to make a deposit without commission, you can also use a bank transfer. But this is not done automatically. If you are interested in using a bank transfer, you will need to start the transaction from your bank account using the data provided by Skrill. The transaction takes from 2 to 5 days.

How do I withdraw to Skrill?

When you decide to withdraw your funds from the account, you can do this using a postal check or an international bank transfer. Residents of most major countries also have access to automatic transfer, withdrawal of funds back to a Visa credit card or courier receipt. Each of these methods has a certain commission, so make sure that you have weighed all the pros and cons of each of them before deciding which one to choose.

Are there any restrictions on payments?

Из всех решений для электронных кошельков, которые можно использовать для финансирования и обналичивания ваших транзакций, Skrill по-прежнему остается одним из самых беспроблемных. Хотя вы столкнетесь с ограничениями, когда впервые создадите свой аккаунт, они могут быть значительно увеличены с минимальными усилиями. В зависимости от вашего местоположения вы можете подтвердить свою личность, кредитные карты и банковские счета, чтобы увеличить свои лимиты.