Online casino with ecoPayz

ecoPayz is an electronic wallet that began its life as EcoCard in 2000 and has now established itself as one of the premium online payment systems. The main advantage of an online casino with ecoPayz for online gamers is an additional level of security provided without the requirement to share their financial data (such as bank account and credit card numbers) directly with the casino.

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How does ecoPayz work?
In this article, we will talk about the advantages/disadvantages of using ecoPayz and how to use it as a payment method in an online casino.
Advantages of using ecoPayz:
The first and probably the most important of the advantages is that this deposit method is secure and reduces the risk of theft or misuse of your financial data.

The reason for this is that you share your bank details and / or credit card numbers only with ecoPayz, and not with the online casino where you play (or any other third party, for that matter).

All transactions are anonymous, and therefore the casino in which you deposit funds does not have access to your personal data. All transactions using ecoPayz are encrypted in your browser using the Secure Sockets Layer protocol or its successor Transport Layer Security protocol, depending on the capabilities of your browser.

Immediate deposits are another advantage. Deposits made with ecoPayz will be credited to your account instantly. A large number of online casinos accept ecoPayz as a payment method, which makes it a valuable tool no matter where you decide to play. Similarly, unlike some other payment methods, you can use it to withdraw funds from your casino account.

The architecture in the form of a digital wallet, rather than a credit card, allows you to monitor and manage your bankroll to a greater extent, ensuring that you only play with the money that you have. This avoids the risk of unknowingly increasing credit card bills or going into overdraft.

Accessibility: Managing your ecoPayz account is easy and simple, besides, your account is always available. The site can be accessed from your mobile phone, and iOS and Android users can download the application for greater convenience. Similarly, there are many different ways to top up your ecoPayz account, including bank transfer, credit cards and alternative digital wallets. No matter where you bank, who you work with or how you conduct your financial affairs, getting cash to your eco-account is always fast and convenient.
Two disadvantages of using ecoPayz
Deposit fee: Although you can transfer cash from your ecoPayz account to the casino account for free, there is a fee for depositing funds to ecoPayz, which ranges from 1.69% to 2.9% (depending on the region in which you live).

Currency conversion fee: although this payment method allows you to make payments to sellers and service providers in 45 different currencies, it nevertheless has a currency conversion fee if you transfer money in a currency other than the one you used to make a deposit (from 1.25% to 2.99%, depending on your membership level).